Saturday, May 18, 2013

House Sparrow - SOLD

I spent the day painting in oil with my portable easel — a paint box mounted on a tripod — at the John Deaux Gallery in Pueblo, CO. I painted another house sparrow. The owner of the gallery, Radeaux, paints birds himself. He does beautiful work that incorporates quilt patterns based on birds along with images of the real bird — a really nice concept. I was surprised and delighted when he told me that he wanted to purchase my sparrow painting shown here. He is a birder as well and told me the story of how the house sparrow came to Colorado. It showed up in the late 1800s at the train depot in Pueblo. Within a couple weeks they were a common sight. They were hitching a ride on the trains carrying grain from the east. Smart little immigrants!


  1. Hi Pamela, Are you able to do a painting for me on commission?
    Kind regards
    Annette Stott

    1. Hi Annette, I can probably do that. Let me know what you're thinking. You can email me directly at Thanks for your interest. -Pam