Monday, April 29, 2013

Basket of Apples - SOLD

Sometimes paintings don't work out. For oil painters they are called wipers or scrapers. I guess in the case of pastel you could call it a 'brusher' because when an area needs to be done over I grab a paintbrush, hold the painting over a garbage can (or better yet take it outside) and brush off the pastel. This painting started out as a 12 x 12. Part way through I realized my drawing was off and the light was wrong. The bowl that was the main reason I was doing the painting was almost entirely in shadow. I got frustrated and quit but not until after I had the green apples finished. Over the next few weeks whenever I'd see those apples in the unfinished painting I'd think to myself, "Really nice." 

So... this past weekend I cut the board down to 6 x 8, brushed off the area below the basket rim, found the real basket again, got a couple red apples from the fridge and set up a new still life. Now it's heading for the gallery. Sometimes creativity means finding a different solution.

The framed 6 x 8 painting is available from Hunter-Wolff Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO. It's priced at $270. Call 719-520-9494 to purchase. 

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