Monday, January 11, 2016

Collector Comment

Love this collector : )

I picked this package up at the post office with great anticipation but, with great restraint, decided to wait until I got home to open it. As I was slowly heading up the driveway at dusk, I came upon a half dozen deer, does and young from this past year. They just stood there and watched me, only a stone's throw away. I had this painting in my mind as I studied them, and was even more eager to open the package when I got in the front door. What an amazing work of art was in my hands. Pam has an incredible gift in her ability to capture the nature of these creatures. I look at this painting and get the sense that this doe and fawn are watching me but could bolt any second, disappearing in a flash. I am so lucky to have this and will treasure it always. Thank you Pam.

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