Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rooster on the Run

I was taking a walk around our country roads and saw a neighbor standing still with a blanket draped around her arms. She was bending over and talking to this rooster. It took me only a second to figure out the rooster was loose and she was trying to catch him. I shot some photos but kept my distance. She must have succeeded because the next time I walked by Mr. Rooster was in the hen house. I did some painting with the knife on this one. I was inspired to try after seeing a demo by Jill Soukup a couple weeks ago. Jill has wonderful texture in her oil paintings. She applies it over an underpainting using everything from a credit card to a plastic window ice scraper for a car. Below are some photos of Jill's Demo. My 11 x 14 rooster oil painting is being auctioned at the Daily Paintworks website with a starting bid of $100. Click here to bid.

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